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Grog Tag

While fumbling on the web we stumbled across Grog Tag, a company dedicated to helping the little guy in his brewing efforts. Whether you’re making some wine, brewing a small batch of beer for bottling or even enough to keg you’ll need to brand it somehow. Grog Tag, we salute you in your efforts to support small business. More info here:

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Beer Merica!

We found this info graphic and we really don’t know where they got there info from, but we are pretty sure if it isn’t a craft beer coming from the tap then most people in NY & NJ are drinking either  PBR, Schaefer  and Coors. Blue Moon and Sam Adams seems to be far off for the top beers in NY or NJ so we don’t know accurate this map really is.

Beer Merica

Brewmeister Snake Venom

Imagine the possibilities if you could harness the power in Zeus’ lighting bolt along with the tractor beam of the deathstar and ring it out into a beer bottle. Well the good folks at Brewmeister Brewery have done exactly that, we introduce you to their newest creation, Snake Venom!  This beer is not for the light of liver, we’re talking 67.5% ABV and in no way is the alcohol masked in flavor. Sip wisely my friends.

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A Drunkard Nation


Infographic Courtesy of Blowfish for Hangovers

Men vs Women

We here at Liver Bashers have gone in depth researching men and women’s differences in the art of preparing for a night out at the bar. Below are 2 graphics showing these differences, enjoy!



The images depicted hold no

We Salute You!

Below are two bar tabs ran up by a couple of thirsty Russian Millionaires who put each other up to a drinking challenge. If we had money to throw around like this, our tabs would most likely have bottles of Jameson and cases of Busch, then again we’re a different breed of drunkard. These two daring gentlemen have earned themselves a place as honorary members of the Liver Bashers family. We’d also like to say congrats to the server who’s tip was more than most people make in a month (maybe even a year).  Check out the full story over at Daily Mail UK.


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