Jameson x David Smith

David Smith, a sign painter from Ireland teamed up with Jameson in 2013 to create label design for a limited edition St. Patricks day Jameson bottle. As much as this is dated material we thought this was too cool not to share. For more on artist David Smith click here.



Photo Credit: David Smith

Marshall Fridge

We’ve all been to Costco wondering if we really needed a mini fridge stocked with beer for the garage (and will the wife get pissed about this purchase.) We’ll answer for you, HELL YEAH! Just be sure to save room for a bottle of your better halves favorite beverage. She’ll be paying you a visit in the garage wondering why the hell you spend so much time in there. For more info Click Here


Photo Credit: Marshall.com

A Hopumentary

A great small documentary on the Craft Beer Industry>

Burton Beeracuda

There isn’t a lot to say about this product…because it fuc*ing awesome! I mean a 12 pack on your back for the road, yes please!!! This product is available here



Photo Credit: Burton.com

Pairing Your Beer With The Right Glass

We don’t necessarily believe in pairing a beer with the right glass, but some might beg to differ.


Image From: Red Envelope

Pico Brew

On a daily basis we’re introduced to so many kinds of technology that aim to simplify our day to day tasks. Everything from phone controlled thermostats to cars that drive themselves, we’ve seen it all. One task that we’ve left to the big boys is brewing, there are a number of kits out there that require constant overseeing and the right environment for the perfect brew.

With that said we introduce another piece of technology that will simplify even that task. The good folks at PicoBrew have engineered a fully automatic brewing machine that takes care of it all.  The beauty of this machine is its consistency, when you brew a beer that you like you can make the exact same brew time after time with little to no varation. For more info on this product click here

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