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The Best Coquito You WIll Ever Have!

This recipe is from memory and scaled down a bit for smaller batches. I use to watch a women, who we will call Tomato, make this by the truck load every year during the Christmas Holiday .


What you will need:

6 whole cinnamon sticks

10 whole Cloves

Ground fresh ginger

Ground fresh nutmeg

15 ounces of coconut cream

12 ounces of sweetened condensed milk

14 ounces of evaporated milk

2 eggs

Vanilla extract

A bottle of Puerto Rican Rum and I don’t mean Bacardi, Bacardi is Cuban rum made in Puerto Rico, get your self a bottle of Palo Viejo or some Don Q.

Ok here is what you do, get a small pot of water and add the cinnamon sticks, wholes cloves, ginger, nutmeg and then bring it to a boil and cook until all ingredients have infused with the water. While that is going on get a big pot and empty all of your cans of coconut cream, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk into the pot, now crack the eggs and put in just the egg yolks and three cap fills of vanilla extract. Ok now that you have your infused water done, you will need to take it and strain it out, because you just need the liquid, and add the liquid to the pot with everything else and mix until everything is blended well, you may need to add more the infused water depending on your taste, now you can add your rum and how much you add is up to you, being we are drunkards here at the Liver Basher the more the merrier. Like I said this is from memory I might be off by a lit bit, but don’t think I am missing anything that should be in it. If you have a recipe you would like to share with us just hit us up .

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