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Worlds Most Expensive Beer

We posted about a $765 Bottle of beer by BrewDog Brewery from Scotland called “The End of History.”  The beer topped the charts with an ABV of 55% and to stir things up they stuffed it inside of a squirrel carcass. There’s a new king in the world of absurd beer, Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing in Australia which sold one bottle for $1850. Brewing with ice from the antarctic circle is the same as brewing it with ice from our freezer but hey if you have it I guess spend it…..we won’t!

Nail Brewing


Some of the World’s Strongest Beers….

The world’s strongest beers have an alcohol content to rival most Vodka’s and Whisky’s, but unlike hard liquor they are still considered beer. All of these brews are just a wee bit more expensive than a normal six pack, but if you ever get a chance to try one I wouldn’t pass it up.


Samuel Adams: Utopias 27% ABV                                Price $200


Brewdog: Sink the Bismarck  41% ABV                          Price $100


Schorschbrau: Schorschbock 43% ABV                         Price $155


Brewdog: End of History 55% ABV                                     Price 760


‘t Koelschip: Start the Future 60% ABV                            Price $45

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Check how these crazy bastards at Brewdog brew one of their most insane beers that as the bottle states Beer for the Dedicated. At 32% ABV it is one of the strongest beer you will ever drink if you ever get the chance to drink it.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog on Vimeo.

Brewdog at it Again

blog6_350The guys at BrewDog will have people standing at attention with their latest contribution to the Beer world  a 7.5% Abv India Pale Ale dubbed  The Royal Virility Performance. This limited edition brew containing Viagra and number of other aphrodisiacs to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. The beer will go on sale the day before the wedding for $10 a bottle on the BrewDog website with 20% on the sales going to charity. The guys at Brewdog are the some best in the Craft Brew industry.


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