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Bar Review: Rudy’s New York

Rudy’s oh Rudy’s, you’ve saved us from waiting for the bus in the apocalyptic light show that is Times Square. Although your Times Square anxiety will be soothed once you walk into Rudy’s and order a blonde or amber house draft and sink your teeth into a free  all beef hotdog. Yes FREE! For every beer ordered comes a dog on a bun, but don’t get greedy you’ll be called out for it. All the usual suspects in bottles and tap with an occasional craft brew as well as Rudy’s own Blonde Ale or Amber. We suggest trying it as its cheap, about $2 and treats you the same as those other big names. The place is sprinkled with aspiring actors, locals theater folk and well basically everyone under the sun and moon stop in here being that it is in the heart of tourist town. We stop in fairly often as you should too and enjoy a piece of Old New York. (Disclaimer: it’s changed a bit since Old New York but it’s still got its charm.)




We spend a lot of time in our wood shop throwing back beers and coming up with ideas for projects. In doing so recently, we stumbled upon the Kinkajou bottle cutter.  This device makes turning empty bottles into candle holders a breeze when you’re in a rush to get the man cave feeling a bit more romantic for your lady friend. For more info on the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter click here.

Carry On Cocktail

When you’re 30k feet in the air traveling at 450mph its pretty hard to find a good bartender. If your smart like us you’ll think ahead and pack yourself a Carry On Cocktail kit and make the stranger in seat 28B think he’s an amateur (or you’re an alcoholic.) The Carry On Cocktail kit packs all the necessary ingredients that you’ll need to make 2 proper Old Fashioned drinks to ease you into that long flight. For more info on the Carry On Cocktail Kit, CLICK HERE


Another Mans Treasure

Beer cap maps, started by a beer cap collector, has turned into a business helping others create art for their walls out of beer caps. Its a pretty simple concept but the results are cool, each map is laser cut out of 1/4″ veneered plywood with holes to place your favorite bottle caps. We’re a lil butt hurt that there’s no wood cut for the beautiful state of New Jersey but hey we’ll drown that out with beer! More info on Beer Cap Maps or to purchase CLICK HERE

beer cap map united states

Insulated Growlers

Whether your on your way to your brewers Meetup or just like to have your beer handy and cold,  you’re in luck. Miir, a product design firm, has developed an insulated growler ready to transport your home brews anywhere anytime and keeps them cold. Not that you couldn’t already just throw it into a thermos but hey this thing is measured out to 64oz and has a nice tight seal on top. For more info and or purchase this item CLICK HERE


Guinness Potato Chips

Guinness goodness just got gooder better! Guinness has teamed up with Burts, UK’s premier chip manufacturer, to create chips with a flavor profile that is pure goodness. We haven’t seen them here in the states yet but you can order them online here.

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